Penghua Fund officially launched "Pengyouduo Spiritual Welfare Program"

On April 16th, 2010, Penghua Fund held the kickoff ceremony of "Pengyouduo Spiritual Welfare Program", a public welfare brand for Penghua to share spiritual creativity with the public. Penghua Fund holds the idea that performing social responsibility requires innovative public ideas, while the new direction of enterprise public welfare activity is to transfer the power of spirit beyond simple donations. Penghua Fund seeks to unite social psychologists, spiritual charity organizations and volunteers to enhance spiritual creativity, cope with psychological pressure in work and life, and realize personality and self-development, together with customers. In addition, this program will provide spiritual comfort to specific groups and make spiritual contribution to the harmonious society through warming heart. Transferring the power of heart to the world - this is the tireless pursuit of Penghua "Pengyouduo Spiritual Welfare Program".